Analysis of Key Factors in Ultra-Thin Brake Design and Release Voltage

Electromagnetic brake achieves braking and release by powered on and off. For power off brake, while the motor is run, the brake is power on. Whether the motor can hold is crucial to the normal work of the motor system. So the release voltage of the motor is very important.

To achieve ‘ultra-thin’ design for the motor and reduce temperature rise, the brake is designed by dual-voltage. When rated voltage of brake is on, the holding voltage is low, then it can reduce the heating rise of brake and prolong the brake lifespan.

Ultra-thin brake from Reach

Due to the low holding voltage, the friction plate of the brake is worn while the brake is working, which makes the air gap increased. Or the air gap is uneven because of the low parts precision. All of those will cause the increase of release voltage and brake can’t hold. Then brake can’t brake successfully.

When designing ultra-thin brake, REACH MACHINERY combines its experience with technical analysis by using simulation software, especially pay attention to the release voltage of the brake and strictly control the quality and precision of the brake components. We also test the release voltage before shipping to make sure the stability and the reliability of the brake.

Post time: Oct-27-2023