Electromagnetic brakes for micromotor

Electromagnetic brakes for micromotor

Reach micro motor brake is a miniaturized and compact motor brake with reliable braking force and holding force, which is suitable for various occasions requiring deceleration braking and holding braking.

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When a electromagnetic coil is powered by DC voltage, a magnetic field is created. The magnetic force pulls the armature through a small air gap and compresses several springs built into the magnet body. When the armature is pressed against the surface of the magnet, the friction pad attached to the hub is free to rotate.
As power is removed from the magnet, the springs push against the armature. The friction liner is then clamped between the armature and the other friction surface and generates a braking torque. The spline stops rotating, and since the shaft hub is connected to the friction lining by a spline, the shaft also stops rotating


High precision: The micro-motor brake has high control precision and can precisely control the position of the motor to ensure the stability and precision of the equipment.
High efficiency: The braking and holding force of the micro-motor brake is stable and reliable, which can improve the efficiency of the equipment and reduce the energy consumption of the motor.
Long life: Micro motor brakes are made of high-quality electromagnetic materials and friction disc materials, which can maintain reliable braking and holding force for a long time and extend the service life of the equipment.
Our micro-motor brake is a brake with stable performance, high precision and easy installation. Its reliability, high efficiency and long service life are the main reasons why users choose it.


Reliable braking force and holding force: The micro-motor brake uses high-quality friction materials to ensure reliable braking and holding force, which effectively improves the efficiency of the equipment.
Small size and compact structure: The small size and compact structure of the micro-motor brake can meet users' space requirements and improve the overall performance and reliability of the equipment.
Easy installation: The micro-motor brake is simple and easy to install and can be used by simply mounting on the motor without additional installation equipment, which can reduce the installation cost for users.


The product is suitable for a variety of motors, such as micro motors, aviation high speed rail, luxury lift seats, packaging machinery, and can be used to brake or hold the motor in a specific position.

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