RECB Electromagnetic clutches for mower

RECB Electromagnetic clutches for mower

Electromagnetic clutch is a key component widely used in lawn mowers, which can reliably transmit torque and provide deceleration and braking capability, ensuring the stability and safety of the equipment. The electromagnetic clutch produced by REACH adopts the working principle of dry friction electromagnetic clutch, which has the advantages of fast response speed, long service life and easy installation and maintenance.

Our Electromagnetic clutch conforms to ANSI B71.1 and EN836 safety standards, and can be customized to meet various special requirements of customers. In lawn mowers and other garden machinery, electromagnetic clutches play an important role in controlling the force output of the equipment, controlling the rotation of the mower blades and ensuring that the equipment stops safely.

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Reach electromagnetic clutch has reliable performance and can work stably in harsh environments. Its high-quality materials and precision manufacturing ensure high quality and long life of the product. Our professional technical team provides a full range of technical support and after-sales service to ensure that our customers get the best experience.

If you are looking for a reliable electromagnetic clutch supplier, REACH will be your best choice. With our rich experience and professional technical team, we are able to provide you with high-quality products and excellent service. No matter what your needs are, we will do our best to meet your requirements and provide the best electromagnetic clutch solution for your garden machinery.


Integrate clutch will brake together
Easy installation, application and maintenance
Insulation Class(coil): F
Optional voltage: 12 & 24VDC
Strong resistance to corrosion
Air gap and wear can be adjusted
Long life time
Comply with ROHS requirements
Cost effective


Out front Mowers
Consumer ride-on tractors
Zero-turn radius machine
Commercial walk behind mowers

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From raw materials, heat treatment, surface treatment, and precision machining to product assembly, we have the testing instruments and equipment to test and verify the conformity of our products to ensure that they meet design and customer requirements. Quality control runs throughout the whole manufacturing process. At the same time, we are constantly reviewing and improving our processes and controls to ensure that our products meet or exceed customer expectations.

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