Spring Applied Brakes for Servo motors

Spring Applied Brakes for Servo motors

REACH servo brake is a single-piece brake with two friction surfaces.
When the electromagnetic coil is energized, the brake is released and the connected shaft is free to rotate. When powered off, the brake is applied and the connected shaft stops rotating.
When a electromagnetic coil is powered by DC voltage, a magnetic field is created. The magnetic force pulls the armature through a small air gap and compresses several springs built into the magnet body. When the armature is pressed against the surface of the magnet, the friction pad attached to the hub is free to rotate.
As power is removed from the magnet, the springs push against the armature. The friction liner is then clamped between the armature and the other friction surface and generates a braking torque. The spline stops rotating, and since the shaft hub is connected to the friction lining by a spline, the shaft also stops rotating

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Designed to maintain braking function and withstand emergency braking: Afford certain times of emergency braking.

Small size with high torque: Our product uses advanced electromagnetic technology and spring-loaded design, making it compact yet powerful, suitable for high-performance applications, while also saving space.

Uses high-wear-resistant friction disc with a long service life: Our product uses high-wear-resistant friction disc, which have strong wear resistance and a long service life, reducing equipment maintenance costs.

Suitable for use in high and low-temperature environments: Our product uses high-quality materials and advanced processes, giving it strong adaptability, making it capable of operating normally in high and low-temperature environments, ensuring the normal operation of your equipment. Working temperature: -10~+100℃

Two designs to meet different installation:
Square hub and spline hub

REACH spring-applied electromagnetic brake is a high-performance, highly reliable product that can be widely used in industries such as servo motors, industrial robots, service robots, industrial manipulators, CNC machine tools, precision engraving machines, and automated production lines. If you need a stable performance, long service life, and highly adaptable spring-loaded electromagnetic brake, our product will be your best choice.

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