Couplings for Direct-drive Spindle

Couplings for Direct-drive Spindle

REACH Coupling for spindle is used for direct connection between motor and machine tool spindle for power transmission, and has axial, radial and angular correction capabilities. Compared with other couplings, it has high speed (above 10,000 rpm), good stability, and impact resistance.
With the development of more and more mechanical equipment towards high speed, high precision, high efficiency and high intelligence, the direct-connection spindle has become the most suitable core functional component of high-performance CNC machine tools.

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    No backlash, Integrated design, High rigidity;
    Anti-vibration. High precision in transmission and high rotating speed;
    Applicable for a spindle of machine tools;
    Fix type: Conical clamping;
    Working range: -40C~120℃;
    Aluminum and Steel materials.



    High torque transmission performance and it is most suitable for the Direct-drive Spindles.

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