Electric Sightseeing Cars: Advanced Electromagnetic Brake Technology Revolutionizing your Travel Way


Electric sightseeing cars use electromagnetic brake technology to achieve automatic braking. The principle of electromagnetic braking is very simple: when an electric current passes through the magnetic coil of the electromagnetic brake, it causes electromagnetic force to engage the brake pads, allowing them to release the brake disc. At that time, the motor shaft starts normally. When the electric current to the electromagnetic brake is cut off, the brake pads disengage from the brake disc, generating a friction torque between the brake disc and pads, the motor shaft stops. In simple, electromagnetic brakes function on the basis of “power off to brake, power on to release”. It can easily handle whether it is going uphill or downhill.

The electromagnetic brakes used in electric sightseeing cars have undergone rigorous high-stress testing, including dynamic and static tests on uphill and downhill under high load conditions.

Electric sightseeing car

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Electric braking technology has significant convenience to elderly and tourist who drive electric sightseeing cars. This user-friendly driving system allows tourists to master the driving techniques within a short period, even without driving experience or a driver’s license. With just one-minute of learning, tourists can drive cars around the park, which significantly enhancing the appeal of the attraction. Many parks have already introduced self-driving electric sightseeing car programs for tourists. Thanks to the reliable safety controls of electromagnetic brakes provided by this technology. Over time, we believe more and more parks will offer opportunities for self-driving electric sightseeing car experiences, revolutionizing the way people travel.

Post time: Nov-07-2023