REB05 Series Spring Applied EM Brakes

REB05 Series Spring Applied EM Brakes

REB05 series large-sized products are spring-applied and dry-friction electromagnetic brakes, with reliable braking and holding forces. They are widely used in various of holding and deceleration braking occasions.

REACH Electromagnetic brakes are made of high quality friction materials and integrate our own damping device for noise reduction and optimized design of electromagnetic circuits. We have several patens granted to REACH and achieves Cost-effective, long lifetime and low noise, etc.

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Working Principles

When stator is powered off, the spring generates forces upon armature, then the friction disc components will be clamped between armature and flange to generate braking torque. At that time, a gap Z is created between armature and stator.

When brakes need to be released, the stator should be connected DC power, then the armature will move to the stator by electromagnetic force. At that time, the armature pressed the spring while moving and the friction disc components are released to disengage the brake.


Rated voltage of Brake (VDC): 24V,45V,96V,103V,170, 180V,190V,205V.
Adaptable to various network Voltage (VAC):42~460V
Braking torque scope: 4~125N.m
Cost-effective, compact structure
Easy mounting
Certificated by national hoisting and conveying machinery quality supervision and inspection center type test
By selecting different modules, the highest protection level can reach to lp65


● Braking Motor
● Carpenter Machinery
● Automatic technology
● Gear Motor
● Servo motor
● Construction Machinery
● Package Machinery
● Hoisting Equipment
● Electric Vehicle
● Electric Scooter

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