Locking Assemblies: The Key to Safe and Efficient Shaft-Hub Connections

Keyless locking devices, also known as locking assemblies or keyless bushings, have revolutionized the way shafts and hubs are connected in the industrial world. The working principle of the locking device is to use high-strength bolts to generate a great pressing force (friction force, torque) between the inner ring and the shaft and between the outer ring and the hub because of its simplicity, reliability, noiselessness, and economical benefits, becoming the first choice for connection field applications.

The Key to Safe and Efficient Shaft-Hub Connections (1)

In shaft-hub connections, the locking assembly replaces the traditional key and keyway system. It not only simplifies the assembly process but also reduces the risk of component damage due to stress concentrations in the keyway or fretting corrosion. In addition, since the locking assembly can be easily installed and removed, maintenance and repair of the equipment can be done quickly and easily.

The advantages of using locking assemblies and keyless bushings in industrial applications are numerous.
1. The parts of the main engine are easy to manufacture, and the manufacturing accuracy of the shaft and hole can be reduced. There is no need to heat and cool during installation, and only a need to tighten the screws according to the rated torque. Easy to adjust and disassemble.
2. High centering precision, stable and reliable connection, no attenuation of torque transmission, smooth transmission, and no noise.
3. Long service life and high strength. The locking assembly relies on friction transmission, there is no keyway weakening of the connected parts, there is no relative movement, and there will be no wear and tear during work.

Locking assembly-1

4. The keyless locking device connection can withstand multiple loads, and the transmission torque is high. The heavy-duty locking disc can transmit a torque of nearly 2 million Nm.
5. With overload protection function. When the locking device is overloaded, it will lose its coupling effect, which can protect the equipment from damage.

Reach Locking devices are widely used in mechanical transmission connection industries such as robots, CNC machine tools, packaging machinery, textile machinery, wind power equipment, mining equipment, and automation equipment. Reach is committed to providing our customers with innovative and reliable solutions to improve the performance of their equipment and reduce their operating costs.

In conclusion, the use of keyless locking devices is a revolution in the field of shaft-hub-connections. With their superior performance, diverse uses and easy-to-use features, expansion sleeve products have become the first choice for many industrial applications.

Post time: Mar-08-2023