REB23 Series EM Brakes for wind power

REB23 Series EM Brakes for wind power

REB23 Series EM brake is a fully sealed spring pressurized electromagnetic brake specially designed for wind power industry motors, with optimized structural design and good lead encapsulation, as well as excellent moisture and dust resistance. The protection level of the product shell part and shaft seal part reaches IP54, and the use of a wide range of ambient temperature, suitable for -40~50℃ environment.

Electromagnetic brakes use the electromagnetic field generated by the internal stator coils. Depending on the type and design, electromagnetic fields can engage or disengage mechanical parts.

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Rated voltage of Brake (VDC): 24V,45V,96V,103V,170, 180V,190V,205V.
Braking torque scope: 16~370N.m
Cost-effective, compact structure and Easy mounting
Fully sealed structure and good lead packaging, with good waterproof and dustproof performance.
Withstand 2100VAC; Insulation Grade: F, or H in special requirement
The protection level is IP54
Good stability and long service life
Two optional types: A-type (adjustable braking torque) and B type (without adjustable braking torque). According to the working conditions, the corresponding friction plate, cover plate, switch assembly and other accessories can be selected.


REB 23 Series brake adopts fully sealed design, dustproof and moisture-proof grade up to IP54, which can ensure the normal work of electrical appliances in harsh environment. The optimized structure design and good lead package make the product have higher reliability and stability. At the same time, this product is applied to the harsh environment of working condition. In the competitive market, this product is cost-effective and can provide customers with high quality electrical protection.


REB23 Electromagnetic brake mainly used for the sealed design of motors in the wind power industry, which can ensure that the electrical components inside the motor are not affected by the external environment and improve the stability and service life of the motor.

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