REB 05C Series Spring Applied EM Brakes

REB 05C Series Spring Applied EM Brakes

REACH 05C series brake is mainly used for wind power.  This electromagnetic brake is electrically powered and specifically designed to stop mechanically and hold torque. Electromagnetic brake uses the electromagnetic field generated by the internal stator coils. Depending on the type and design, electromagnetic fields can engage or disengage mechanical parts.

REACH is a manufacturer of premium brakes used in a range of high performance applications in various motion control industries worldwide. With over twenty years of experience, our designs have been tested and refined to provide unsurpassed quality and reliability.

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Working Principle

The motor shaft is connected to a square hub (spline hub). When power off, the electromagnetic coil has no power , the force generated by the spring acts on the armature to clamp the rotor, which is rotating through the square hub (spline hub), tightly between the armature and the cover plate, thus generating a braking torque. At this point, An air gap is created between the armature and the stator.
When the brake needs to be relaxed, the electromagnetic coil is connected to DC voltage, and the magnetic field generated attracts the armature to move toward the stator, and the armature compresses the spring when it moves, at which time the rotor is released and the brake is released.

Product Features

Rated voltage of Brake (VDC): 24V,45V,96V,103V,170, 180V,190V,205V.
Braking torque scope: 16~370N.m
Cost-effective, compact structure and Easy mounting
Fully sealed structure and good lead packaging, with good waterproof and dustproof performance.
Ambient Temperature: -40℃~50℃
Withstand 2100VAC; Insulation Grade: F, or H in special requirement
According to the wind field working conditions, the corresponding friction plate, cover plate, switch assembly and other accessories can be selected.
The protection level is IP66, and the highest anti-corrosion level can reach WF2.


From raw materials, heat treatment, surface treatment, and precision machining to product assembly, we have the testing instruments and equipment to test and verify the conformity of our products to ensure that they meet design and customer requirements. Quality control runs throughout the whole manufacturing process. At the same time, we are constantly reviewing and improving our processes and controls to ensure that our products meet or exceed customer expectations.


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