Introduction about REACH Electromagnetic Brake for Wind Power

Wind power refers to a renewable energy utilization method that uses wind energy to drive wind turbines to generate electricity. As global energy consumption continues to increase and environmental pollution problems become increasingly prominent, renewable energy has gradually become an important alternative to fossil energy. As a type of renewable energy, wind power has the advantages of being clean, renewable, and low-cost, so it has been widely used and developed around the world.

Electromagnetic Brake(wind power)

With its characteristics of stable torque, low noise, high pressure resistance, high IP protection level, and fast response time, REACH wind power brakes have been widely used in the field of wind power generation to control yaw and pitch, and have become one of the key components of yaw and pitch system. REACH is deeply involved in intelligent manufacturing in wind power industry since year 2010 and is familiar with various application conditions and solutions for wind turbine operation. Today, REACH’s REB23 series open structure brakes, REB05C series fully enclosed structure brakes and offshore wind power brakes, are approved by many customers.

Brake for wind power

Under the dual-carbon policy, wind power has a very bright future. As a clean energy source, wind power can effectively reduce carbon emissions. REACH also hopes to try its best to achieve the dual-carbon goal.

Post time: Mar-11-2024