Application And Selection Of Coupling In Linear Modules

With the popularity of automation equipment, linear modules are commonly used auxiliary equipment for automation equipment.coupling is very popular among equipment manufacturers who pursue production efficiency and product turnover rate, and couplings are very important accessories in linear modules. This article will mainly introduce the application and purchase method of coupling in linear modules.

Backlash free GS couplings

The couplings are mainly used to connect the servo motor in the screw processing section. It is one of the important components of the linear module installation. Its function is to keep the center lines of the driving shaft and the driven shaft at the same level when the motor is working, ensuring the normal operation and accuracy of the linear module, which is especially important for high-speed linear modules.

How to choose a suitable coupling in a linear modul

1. The type of linear module motor. The power of the motor is different, and the requirements for matching accuracy and speed are also different accordingly, which affects the selection of the external dimensions and specifications of the coupling.
2. The load capacity of the linear module transmission device. The operating environment has load requirements such as impact resistance, slow impact, and large torque changes, therefore a flexible coupling needs to be selected.
3.The size of the slot for installing the coupling of the linear module. It is necessary to balance the convenience of assembly with the guarantee of quality during use.

Post time: Feb-23-2024