EM Brake for Aerial Work Platform

EM Brake for Aerial Work Platform

As more and more aerial work platforms are using electric driven. The brake systems have become even more critical for safety.

Reach Machinery has brakes which are specifically designed for aerial work platforms, providing reliable and efficient braking in even the most challenging conditions.

REACH REB series spring-applied electromagnetic brake for Aerial Work Platform is a type of dry friction brake (failsafe when power-on, and brake when power-off) with reliable braking and holding force.

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The modular product design of the REB series spring-loaded electromagnetic brake makes it easy for customers to choose. By combining different accessories, it can meet the different needs of customers。

Modular design of brake

Technical Parameters

Rated voltage of Brake (VDC): 24V,45V,96V,103V,170, 180V,190V,205V.

Braking torque scope: 4~125N.m

Protection Level: IP67


High safety performance: Certificated by national hoisting and conveying machinery quality supervision and inspection center-type test.

Good sealing: Reach electromagnetic brakes feature excellent sealing, which prevents dust, moisture, and other contaminants from entering the brake, ensuring its reliability and long-term operation.

High protection level: It is designed with a high protection level, which ensures that it can operate safely and effectively even in harsh and demanding environments.

Multi-torque capability: Our electromagnetic brakes are capable of producing multiple torque values, making them ideal for both the Scissor Aerial Work Platform and Boom Aerial Work Platform

High-temperature resistance: The brakes are designed to operate at high temperatures, making them suitable when the temperature of the equipment becomes high due to long-time work.

Large moment of inertia: The large moment of inertia, which makes brakes ideal when requiring high precision and accurate braking control.

Long lifetime: The brakes are built with high-quality materials and advanced technology, ensuring a long life and reducing the need for maintenance and replacement.


6~25Nm: Normally for Scissor Aerial Work Platform

40~120Nm: Normally for Boom Aerial Work Platform

REACH’s spring-applied electromagnetic brakes are widely used in the drive unit of the Aerial work platform, the brakes have a small size, high braking torque, high protection level, and strict life testing, which can ensure the safety and reliability of these vehicles.


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