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Grown Gear Coupling

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  • DSC_3617鼓形齿侧面45度(RGF-42、B)

Crown Gear Coupling: Applicable to various mechanical engineering and hydraulic fields High transmission accuracy, high torque, impact resistance, long life;


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I.    Introduction of Crown Gear Coupling
Applicable to various mechanical engineering and hydraulic fields.

Nylon and steel combined, maintenance-free.

Axial, radial and angular installation deviations can be compensated.

Axial plugging assembly which is very convenient.

Finished product's bore tolerance as per ISO standard is H7, and keyway tolerance as per GB/T1095 standard is JS9, additionally with taper bore & imperial bore.

II.   Advantages of Crown Gear Coupling: 
1.    Finite element analysis software is used to analyze products;

2.    High transmission accuracy, high torque, impact resistance, long life;

3.    Nylon sleeve is made of imported raw materials;

4.    REACH has formed a complete production network with foreign top companies in the same industry for a long time;

5.    REACH has advanced key performance and product life inspection capability;

6.    The product can substitute imported products for its high quality. 

III. Product Parameters 
IV. Standard Packaging Scheme of Crown Gear Coupling

I.     850x600x560 wooden case is adopted to ensure resources are reasonably utilized, and goods are intact. According to different regions, wooden case made from different materials is available for assembly.

     1.    Fumigating Wooden Case for International Export or Domestic Warehousing;

     2.    Wooden case for domestic products.

II.    Assembly of Products:

1.    Products at the assembly site are delivered to the assembly area, and quality inspector will recheck the specification of product, and check whether product dimension is satisfactory.

2.    Rust-proof paper is available for packaging, and complete products are assembled.

3.    Well-assembled products are placed in the wooden case in an orderly manner.
III.  Perfect Sealing and Timely Delivery