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1 Spent fuel pool crane is one of nuclear fuel handing equipment, and installed on the track at 28 7m above the spent fuel pool;2 Loader unloader is one of nuclear fuel handing equipment, and installed in the reactor containment and on the platform at +20 00m above the refueling pool;


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 I. Advantages of REACH’s Nuclear power
1. Complete supporting PMC equipment, and accurate coordination with customers: REACH can provide a complete set of supporting PMC equipment for simulation experiment, respond to customer requirements in a timely manner, and solve customer problems in a timely and satisfactory manner.
2. First-class quality level: REACH has complete nuclear quality guarantee system, perfect inspection means and devices as well as perfect inspection and test center. A complete set of PMC equipment provided is well received by customers.
3. Exquisite technology and rapid response: REACH has built up an experienced technical team and equipped itself with various engineers engaging in nuclear power technology work for many years, and has rich experience in technology level and design capability. In addition, REACH undertook the technical work of many devices for PMC system and related large design work of 863PMC (refueling robot, transfer system), which were highly praised by users.
4. Advanced equipment and first-class technology: from hardware, REACH has advanced equipment, several NC machining centers and 5-axis machining centers as well as 8m NC machine tool, which are featured by high machining accuracy and difficult machining conditions. From manpower resource, REACH has a large batch of experienced technical worker and senior technician after several years’ nuclear power production and team building, and has rich experience in the machining of intractable parts for nuclear power (e.g. clamping jaw, extension sleeve, fixed sleeve, etc.).
5. Short delivery time and timely service provision: with perfect production management system, REACH is the earliest modern company to use ERP system management, and has rich experience in project management. Goods can be delivered on schedule or in advance under the premise that the quality is accepted by customers.

II.Product- introduction 
PMC-PMC Product- introduction of Spent Fuel Pool Crane Structure
(Spent fuel pool crane is one of nuclear fuel handing equipment, and installed on the track at 28.7m above the spent fuel pool. )

ii.PMC Product-Introduction of Loader/Unloader Structure
(Loader/unloader is one of nuclear fuel handing equipment, and installed in the reactor containment and on the platform at +20.00m above the refueling pool.)

iii.PMC Product- Introduction of Fuel Transfer Device Structure
(Fuel transfer system is one of main nuclear fuel operating equipment in the fuel plant of pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant, and its main function is to transfer nuclear fuel between reactor pool plant and spent fuel pool plant.)

iv.Introduction of Rod Position Detector Structure
(Rod position detector is installed outside of the drive rod travel housing of CRDM (control rod drive mechanism) to measure the mechanical displacement of CRDM drive shaft in the drive rod travel housing.)

III.Product Parts Picture 
  i.Spent fuel pool crane cart assembly and suspension bridge assembly

ii.Precision components for loader/unloader- fuel handling assembly-clamping jaw

iii. Electromagnetic Brake of  Nuclear power
(In the fuel transfer system, large torque electromagnetic brake first substitutes foreign hydraulic brake, and the inherent safety is greatly improved to achieve low energy consumption and long service life, and completely eradicate liquid leakage and contamination, and break the technical monopoly of foreign enterprises. Such product has obtained national-level type test certificate, and invention patent now has been declared for such technology.)

iv.Tipping frame system for fuel transfer system