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Case presentation

Cooperation with Boeing (Aircraft)

Update:2015-10-27    Read:
Since2006,  REACH’s brakes were officially stepped into China Market, REACH had a chance  to contact a famous enterprise Aviation Science & Motor Manufacturing(ASMM), making its first step to aviation industry.

In October 2006, they reviewed and confirmed REACH’s purchasing, technology and quality control etc. ASMM invited REACH to develop driving & adjustment mechanisms of chairs in first-class cabinet for Boeing 787 airliners after review.

REACH spent two months to analyze the prototype delivered by ASMM, and put forward design drawing and property indicators. After repeated joint reviews, REACH started pilot manufacturing, submitting the first sample to test under simulated work conditions. After testing, REACH summarized and improved the deficiencies, and then delivered other 10 pcs for verification, which had been tested for 2 years at Boeing’s lab set in Czech. Boeing, the end user in this project, finally approved, accepted and qualified REACH as the exclusive supplier of such brake, which was supplied by a foreign top brand brake manufacturer in past.

REACH supplies such brake to Boeing about 20,000 to 30,000 pcs per year and no quality complain so far, which verified the Company’s strict attitude in work.