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Cooperation with ABB

Update:2015-10-27    Read:
After four years REACH’s R&D of brake, REACH stepped into domestic braking motor industry, which unveiled its long but great journey in Chinese market since 2007. 

ABB, the leading manufacturer of braking motor, gave REACH the greatest support to gain a foot in motor industry. In 2007 when foreign brand brake dominated the high-end market, REACH took a bold step to adopt China-made brake. Now REACH’s brake are used and firstly preferred in several industries concerning personnel safety, including aviation, hoisting, elevator, servo motor and reducers, etc. Recalling the development process to cooperate with ABB motor, everything is still vivid in our mind.

In 2006, REACH began to contact and discuss with the leading motor manufacturer ABB, it nearly fell into stagnation due to REACH was barely known by motor industry. Instead of giving up, REACH made a great effort to improve its design and quality control, invested approximate ten millions RMB in testing,experiment devices and ANSYS software. In 2008, ABB dispatched a group of staff from technology, quality and outsourcing to REACH for the first review, and the review results are well qualified. Then two parties signed non-disclosure agreement of technology, and REACH begun its R&D and pilot work for ABB brake.

REACH was approved by ABB after a 6-month-long test. ABB listed REACH in qualified suppliers, and signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with ABB.