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Cooperation with Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd

Update:2015-10-27    Read:
In June 2008, REACH got official onsite approval from Gold Wind Science & Technology Co., Ltd and got an opportunity to make sample the pitch driving wheel for 1.5MW unit. Later in October of the same year, with the samples (delivered two times and processing improvements) qualified by Goldwind, REACH started supplying the wheel in small lot, and then shifted to mass production. Due to REACH’s reliable quality, REACH takes 80% supply for  Goldwind’s demand, and REACH was awarded “Best Supplier of the Year” by Goldwind.

Due to REACH’s excellent performance, REACH was invited by Goldwind to develop the second generation of 1.5MW and 2.5MW set in March 2010. It was the first time for Goldwind to invite its supplier into R&D work. The two sides so far has developed pitch mechanism required by the new set.
In the mean time, REACH imported famous brand belts from Italy through its long-term cooperation with foreign manufacturers, and customized it together with Goldwind so as to satisfy high-end applications and special conditions of wind power. Such customized belts have been put into mass production.

Over the past 10 years of cooperation, REACH has taken up a large part of the supply demand on wind power pitch components, partly because Goldwind’s trust on REACH, and partly because REACH’s strict quality criteria and concept of “creating values for customers”.