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I.quality management

Ø  Quality Policy: Strive for Improvement and Perfect; High-qualified Products; Satisfy Customer Demands

Ø  Quality Object: Zero Defect

Ø  Quality Concept: Directed by integrity-based principle;
                                  Manage in rigorous and skeptical attitude;
                                  Build Effective Quality Control System; and No Error in Work

Rooted in ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004,REACH has gradually introduced advanced experience of quality management work. With the investment in nuclear power industry, REACH further established quality insurance system conforming to laws and regulations of nuclear security.
To improve technicians’ skills requested by their positions, REACH has set up systematic plan to train and instruct its operators and inspectors.
So far, REACH has equipped itself with more than 70 facilities for CNC processing and other processes, which stabilize the process quality and laying a solid foundation for achieving zero-defect production.
With all-around testing equipment and well-qualified quality staff, REACH now has built up an effective on-line control system. In addition, every R&D achievement is required to be examined to certify the reliability by the Company’s independent capability of developing testing instruments.
Also, to ensure effectiveness and accuracy , REACH built up a perfect measuring control system to analyze repeatability and reproducibility error.
Supported by CE ,UL,ROHS and National License to Work Safety for Cranes.
Having superiorities in product quality and all-around service, REACH now has been ahead of other professional enterprise of the field.
Since setting up, REACH has always implemented customer-oriented policy and strived for creating social values and making contributions to the national industry.

primary inspection devices list

II.Quality control
Flow Chart of Process Control
III.Quality certification