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REACH Development - Milestones

Year 2016
January 2016, some products were listed in “Due Use High&New Technology Private Enterprises and Products Recommendation Catalogue(5)”, which marks REACH has formally entered into military industry. 
Year 2015 
January 2015 - Tang Liangzhi, the mayor of Chengdu Municipality and Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee of CPC, visited REACH for research. 
May 2015, REACH listed as the first Export Rebate System Class A Enterprise of Shuangliu County
July 2015, REACH officially kicked off work in IPO
December 2015,Officially change name to “Chengdu REACH Machinery & Technology Co., Ltd”
Year 2014 
December 2014 - REACH became the growth enterprise under  the program of Chengdu Municipal IPR Program.  So far 72 patents have been awarded, including 20 inventions. REACH's IPR work now steps on the new level.  
March 2014 - REACH was listed in Chengdu High-end Equipment Manufacturers, stepping up its transformation and upgrading. 
February 2014 - Recruited Dr. Wang Xiao from abroad, who was later selected into Chengdu Municipal Talent Program and Shuangliu County High-level Innovation Talent Program. 
January 2014 - Set up REACH Science & Technology Committee to provide an improved platform for  technological  progress and independent innovation. 
 Year 2013 
December 2013 - Established Smart Product R&D Center for R&D and production of industrial robots. 
November 2013 - Celebrate the 20th anniversary of REACH incorporation. 
July 2013 - Successfully test the brake of blower in wind field, breaking monopoly of German-made products in the area. 
July 2013 - Certified as "Sichuan Provincial IPR Pilot Enterprise". 
March 2013 - Produced CRDM3 prototype. The localization of CRDM marks REACH's manufacturing ability in nuclear power reach to a new high.  
 Year 2012 
October 2012 - Huang Xinchu, member of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Chengdu Municipal Committee of CPC, visited REACH for research. 
August 2012 - REACH become an exclusive supplier that can provide full set of PMC system in China by delivering  #2 unit of irradiated fuel pit building to Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Station, 
August 2012 - Established Lu Xiaorong Non-profit Foundation,  which incorporates awards that government at all levels have granted and will grant to Lu Xiaorong, CEO of REACH. So far the Foundation has amount to RMB 259,300, a part of which was allocated to help 14 employees at REACH and their families to overcome difficulties. 
 Year 2011 
November 2011 - REACH established its own IPR Workshop. 
March 2014 - The Project "Research on Key Manufacturing Technologies of Control Rod Driving System for Mega Kilowatt PWR Nuclear Plant and Prototype Manufacturing" undertaken by REACH was examined and accepted by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The Company was therefore awarded financial support of RMB 7 million from the Ministry; the  Project was later incorporated into the 12th Five-year Plan of Fostering Strategic & Emerging Products of Sichuan Province. 
January 2011 - The Company moved to the new facilities at the economic development zone in Southwestern Airport in Shuangliu County, Chengdu. This marks a brand new start of REACH's transformation and upgrading (gradually shifting from traditional precision processing into new energy area). 
 Year 2010 
April 2010 - REACH became  the member of Sichuan Provincial General Chamber of Commerce (now the standing committee member), and later the deputy director of Shuangliu County Association of Industry & Commerce in 2011, and the deputy director of standing committee  of Sichuan Technology & Equipment Manufacturing Chamber of Commerce in December 2014.
Lu Xiaorong, CEO of REACH, was elected representative of Chengdu Municipal People's Congress in 2012, and the " Chengdu Excellent Builder for the Socialist Cause with Chinese Characteristics" in the second appraisal in 2013.
 Year 2009 
October 2009 - Officially entered nuclear power market by signing strategic partnership agreement with China Nuclear Power Technology Research Institute. 
September 2009 - REACH's registered trademark was awarded Chengdu Famous Brand, and later became Sichuan Famous  Brand in December 2013, marking the breaking progress made by REACH with its trademark strategy. 
 Year 2008 
REACH was accredited Hi-tech Enterprise in December 2008, and enterprise technology center at municipal level in May 2009 and at provincial level in October 2014. REACH so far has established its independent R&D and innovation mechanism and further strengthened its innovation ability.  
REACH established branches in Shanghai in November 2008, in Tianjin in November 2011, and South China Marketing Center in January 2010. All these efforts showed REACH's confidence and determination to explore domestic market and develop with leading players in China. 
May 2008 - Set up Relief Work Team in response to Wenchuan Earthquake, dispatched groups of workers to convey condolence to the affected staff and their family members, and donated a total of RMB215,600 to help them out. 
Year 2007
REACH consolidated and streamlined its resources inside and outside to build up a group model. It established REACH-Wantong Machinery Co., Ltd in Meishan in July 2007, REACH-Lianhe Machinery Co., Ltd in Danling County in October 2007, REACH-Jiayuan Machinery Co., Ltd in February 2008, and REACH-ALPEX International Trade Co., Ltd in February 2009. 
 Year 2006 
June 2006 - REACH was qualified to enjoy  preferential policy of corporate income tax under the Western Development Program. 
 Year 2005 
June 2005 - Set up Domestic Marketing Dept. to explore Chinese market to sell in China the goods originally produced for exports.  
 Year 2004 
January 2004 - REACH moved its facilities into Shuangyu Industrial Park in Jiujiang, Shuangliu County, stepping forward towards the goal of becoming manufacturing industry. Sales volume from 2003 and 2008 had increased by 8 times, and the governance and management of the Company strengthened substantially. 
January 2004 - REACH launched R&D on electromagnetic brake. Its brakes officially entered Chinese market in 2006 when  the Domestic Marketing Dept. sold out the first piece. 
January 2004 - REACH started to build up its corporate culture and establish its vision and core values, and now has unique medium to convey its culture. "Voice of REACH" began broadcasting in November 2006, the first volume of the magazine "Climbing" was issued in July 2007. 
Year 1999 
REACH invested in Sichuan Entrepreneurship College in 1999, and built up the Airport Campus of Sichuan Normal University in 2000, which was approved by the Ministry of Education as Sichuan Modern Vocational College. 
May 1999 - REACH was awarded ISO9001 certificate by China Quality Certification Center (CQC) and built up a standard system for quality control. 
August 2008 - REACH was awarded ISO14001 certificate by China Quality Certificate Center (CQC) and built up a standard system for environment management. 
 Year 1998 
July 1998 - REACH was licensed by Chinese authority for self-run export and import. 
 Year 1996 
December 1996 - The Company was renamed REACH MACHINERY ENTERPRISE. 
 Year 1993 
1993 - The Company start to build up information network, launched ERP system later in March 2001, and renovate the current ERP by working with University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in September 2014. 
January 1993 - The Company incorporated and was named Yitong, Hengtong and Yuanda.